Bottom Brackets BB30/BB30A/PF30/PF30A 42/46 68-73mm RACER/MTB GXP KIT

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This model is newly developed 4 in a bottom bracket.

It is with twistfit tekonolgi which ensure optimum transfer when pedaling watts and protect your frame with the hard PA plastic on the crank housing

  • BB30 - Ø42mm - 68mm racer - Shimano
  • BB30A - Ø42mm - 73mm - mtb - Shimano (Cannondale)
  • PF30 - Ø46mm - 68mm - mtb - Shimano
  • PF30A - Ø46mm - 68mm - racer - Shimano (Cannondale)

The bottom bracket suppoer width between 68-86mm

New designed crankcase with ceramic bearings, low fiction that ensure optimal propulsion.

TwistfIt the technology that has threads in the middle piece of the crank so it can easily screw in the crank.

Replacement of bearings is easily done by removing dustcaps without removing the crankcase from the frame

Available for Shimano or GXP selected below

Model/Product no.: EMA-PFBB30A24-SHCB-EMA-EMA-BB-SR24/22
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Bottom Brackets BB30/BB30A/PF30/PF30A 42/46 68-73mm RACER/MTB Shimano
  • 1 x Adapter from Shimano > GXP SRAM 24/22mm

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Category: Accessories

Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Twistfit
Bottom bracks pressfitt BB30 42mm, BB30A 42mm, PF30 46mm, PF30A 46mm
Spindel 24/22 SRAM/GXP
Krankboks diameter 42mm, 46mm
Bottom brackets lenght 68mm (road), 73mm (MTB/ROAD)