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Danish bike was started in October 2013 as a webshop in Denmark, with a single goal of finding products that are not represented on the Danish market, and at the right prices.

All Danish Bike products are purchased from manufacturers from all over the world with a focus on quality.

Our slogan covers quite a few things: Products we love

We have a passion for what we sell, and want you to have the same experience of using our products.

We want to deliver a quality for the discerning practitioner, where detail means everything.

We would like to supply niche brands that have not been available on the Danish market.

Clubwear - Saby Sports

WE take pride in making club clothes for all the sports clubs / associations / companies that want to make their own mark and design, our supplier of clothes comes from the heart of Italy. The selection of cycling clothing is for both Men and Women - Perfect Match between price and quality.

The goal of club clothes is to be able to deliver clothes to exactly your wishes, order online, pay, get delivered home .... simple and easy process.

Ceramic products

Tripeak is a manufacturer from Taiwan who loves details about their products, Innovation is definitely their strength, new products, optimize, more quality for the money that will benefit you. There assortment are Crane boxes with patent which ensure you no creaking, long durability, Pulley wheels for both MTB / RACER Steel bearings or grade5 ceramic bearings, tools for do it yourself people. Next, the range has been expanded to Coated bearings, which provide a 4-year guarantee on selected products.

Everything within ceramic bearings, then choose Tripeak.


One of the world's largest manufacturers of wattmeters is Canadian 4iiii which has developed the most accurate technology on the market.

There product range is quite large for both single side and double side.

In addition, they have the option of installing a wattmeter on your own crankset, there are no other manufacturers that can p.t. Today.


A large American manufacturer of bicycle computer, exercise bike as a focus on a good experience, operation must be easy, features must be many, Wahoo sponsor including Chris Frome with the Wahoo Kickr home trainer


Is a bold manufacturer with accessories for the bike in the form of nano cables, wire, brake pads, floating disc brakes, all the same with a focus on optimizing your workout.

Saby Sport

If you need a cool bike that is full of details, contact us and we will help with a design that suits you

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