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Durable and Great Shifting

With Diamond Hard Tech one more revolutionary technology has been developed.

DHT provides the most solid hardened base with extreme hardness performance and self-lubrication features.

To balance the durability of the chain with other derailleur components is an essential task for derailleur parts makers.

DHT hardened treatment does not affect the worn condition of cassettes and chain wheel and that friction-free lubrication help shield away from the strain and wear on the drivetrain components.

Thanks to the excellent performance in anti-elongation, chain life has greatly increased based on the DHT advanced durability enhancing treatment.    

DHT allows TAYA high-end products to compare with the branded chain products in the market with splendid performance in durability. 


Rust Shield Protection Stainless Bike Chain

Where low maintenance load demands the upgrade protective chain, the GST anti-rust protection stainless bike chain works to be the bike’s best companion.


GST Technology is a unique range of eco-coating developed exclusively by TAYA and unrivaled in the industry.



  • Excellent corrosion protection for chains and other parts including bolts – up to 25 years of rust resistance!
  • With its hardened anti-graffiti surface, just water spraying to shed mud and debris off the chain at ease cleaning.
  • Smoother shifting because the coating is “baked-in” to the chain – it doesn’t add to the chain’s weight or thickness.
  • Environmentally green – the manufacturing process does not use toxic chemicals or processes.


New Definition of Bike Chain -
World's Lightest Bike Chain

Take Advantage of Light Weight 40% Efficiency higher than that of the classic chain

1. A roller is constructed on the inner plate.

The direct and solid contact avoids 5% ~ 8% energy losses in transmission when compared with that of a roller separated from its neighboring parts. The co-shaped structure helps to pedal forces effectively passing on.

2. Reduce the use of material and waste. An estimated 15% chain weight reduction is achieved.

3. A precisely constructed roller ensures close proximity to chainrings and chain wheels. The chain is enhanced fluently, silently rolling over the drivetrain system.