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At Danish Bike, we do not think that quality should cost not more than is absolutely necessary. That is why you will always find quality that is affordable for you to pay. Whatever you are looking for cycling clothes, bicycle tires, bicycle equipment, tools, powermeter, etc. Danish Bike is the place for you who want the very best at the very best price. Ever since we started the webshop in 2013, we have focused on finding and niche brands that are not otherwise represented on the Danish market. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always find the best with us.

If you are looking for niche brands, this is also the place for you. 

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Quite simply: Products we love.

At Danish Bike you will always find what you need
Our webshop is for you who are a cycling enthusiast and love to be on two wheels on the road. We ourselves are passionate about cycling, and that is precisely why we have gathered the best brands for exercisers with a sense of quality - just like ourselves. It can be difficult to see the forest for bare trees, and we have done our utmost to divide the webshop based on what we think you need. With us, you will find both products in our more regular range, and if you are looking for something new for your hobby, you can look under news. In addition, we have an entire outlet page and offer page, where there are always good discounts and promotions for you.

Our goal is to be your favorite place when you need something new for the bike.

Danishbike dealer Kelvin
Every cycling enthusiast must have the best cycling equipment - especially for the wheels. Here we see that Kelvin is one of the best brands you can find on the market. We sell Kelvin Carbon wheel sets, wheel sets for racing, gravel, Cross or MTB, Carbon frames and accessories from Kelvin. A wheel is not just a wheel - a wheel can optimize your bike, your speed and your performance.

Bicycle tuning - when it has to go fast
There is a lot you can do to make your bike as fast as possible and you can get a lot of bike equipment. It is not necessarily easy and fast to get the bike to fly away - however, there is a lot of advice from here. If your bike is to be fast, you need to think about air resistance, weight, your ball bearings and crankcase. The crankcase is important to many because it helps to make your bike run as it should. The crankcase consists of some ball bearings, and your pedal arms and crankset are attached to the bike and must be able to turn around. Every time you use the bike, you wear on the crankset, and therefore it may need to be replaced. The more you use your gears on the bike, the less you wear on the crankcase. Danish Bike has Denmark's largest selection of crankboxes, so it is precisely with us that you must find your neighbor if it is time to replace the set.

Bicycle equipment, bicycle clothing and miscellaneous
If you need inspiration for cycling equipment, you can find most things with us. For example, we have a large selection of cycling clothing for both men and women - and if you have a club, we are happy to make the clothing especially for you. Cycling equipment is not just cycling equipment, and if you are part of a cycling club, we are sure that it means a lot to you and you that you can show that you belong together when you are out riding. The club clothes must of course be tailored to you, and therefore we make it ourselves according to your wishes. Write to us at [email protected] to find out more - it is of course quite free to get an offer.

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Is there something you can not find in the webshop and that you really want? Then you can always write directly to us. We are always looking for new exciting products that can be included in our range of quality. For us, it is the quality that determines whether it gets a place in the webshop. We sell Products we love, and that's why we're just as picky as you. Only the best lasts! And you will always find it at danishbike.dk