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Pressfit PF30 Ø46mm

Bikes you much, you might not get around a worn bottom bracket before or since, and it's really important that your bottom bracket performs optimally, you can get there fast. Perhaps you already have a Press Fit bottom bracket, otherwise it is a good idea to consider whether you should try something new. Is it a Press Fit PF30 to suit your bike, you can with advantage to use it.


  1. Press Fit PF30 can be quite advantageous. This is due to three things:
  2. Press Fit PF30 is easier to install
  3. Press Fit PF30 weighs less than normal bottom brackets

The technology of Press Fit is relatively cheap, so you do not have to compromise your wallet.
Then you are looking for a Press Fit bottom bracket, you may want to hit the road past We offer a wide selection of these, with brands like Shimano and Campagnolo, better quality stamp does not exist.