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Pressfit BB30 Ø42mm

With Press Fit BB30 ceramic bearings from Sram, you're sure to get a super quality with you. The last few years have ceramic bearings become very popular and thus pushed steel ball bearings a little further down on the wish list. The ceramic bearings give less friction and are often what picks up when optimizing your bike - with extra propulsion on your bike you are able to significantly improve your time.

At we sell both Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket with supplied ceramic bearings. Should you just use the bearings, get the BB30 Sram / FSA bearings. In addition, we also offer a four-in-one bottom bracket, both as BB30, BB30A, PF30 and PF30A. All of you will of course in an impeccable quality, and one of the benefits of Press Fit is that the technology is relatively cheap.