Powrlink pedals

Powrlink pedals

Cyclists know that to become competitive they need to train with purpose. That means power. By connecting to reliable and accurate data, POWRLINK ZERO gives riders the power and cadence metrics they need to track and analyze every ride. These metrics create a more complete power profile cyclists can use to unlock every last watt.


POWRLINK ZERO’s internal gyroscope removes cadence variation to measure your precise power output–accurate to +/- 1%. Combined with Wahoo’s sports-science based algorithms, you get extremely accurate values you can use to achieve next-level performance.


Efficient pedal symmetry lets you go long and stay strong throughout your entire ride. POWRLINK ZERO power meter pedals transmit real-time cadence data to your bike computer, which helps you smooth your pedal stroke, identify your sweet spot, and advance your cycling goals.


No matter how precise, power and cadence are only part of the equation. The dual-sided POWRLINK ZERO pedal system measures the power generated individually by each leg to calculate your true output. By precisely recording left/right balance you can focus your training to correct dominant/non-dominant leg discrepancies, recover from injury and reach your full cycling potential.


Developed by cyclists, POWRLINK ZERO power pedals combine the distinct performance advantages of the innovative SPEEDPLAY platform with power and cadence data that roadies and triathletes can use to train smarter and become stronger.