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KELVIN Road Wheelset

Carbon Wheels
Does your racing bike need a new wheel set? Then Carbon wheels are the quality conscious choice. High quality wheels help improve driving experience. With the right wheels you can get a higher speed without having to perform further. At Danish Bike we offer two different wheel set sizes. We offer Carbon wheels in 36mm, 44mm or 55mm. Our wheel set is with ceramic bearings as well as patented brake surface to ensure your wheels maintain the braking surfaces.
ALU Wheel Set
Kelvin Alu wheels are not the cheapest wheels on the market, but are sold at a reasonable price relative to their quality. The wheel is a solid training wheel that can be used for winter driving or mountain driving
Especially spikes and hidden nipples, which ensure minimal wind resistance. However, the weight is only 1460 grams, which makes it really strong seepage eg for mountain driving.
Get competent advice

It can be difficult to find out which wheels to choose, as there are countless options available on the market. All our employees have a lot of knowledge in the field of bikes, including Carbon wheels, and they will advise you which wheels are the best for your needs. Do you want to ride a triathlon or you only use your race bike for fun? We find together the best solution for you!