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Jetstream pro alucaps

Tripeak Aluminum Caps for jetsream pro 1218A serien  - Available in 9 Vibrant Colors!

Elevate your cycling experience with these high-quality Tripeak Aluminum Caps, available in a range of colors to match your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek and understated black look or want to make a statement, our aluminum caps come in various attractive colors.

Choose your favorite color or mix and match to create a unique and personalized appearance for your bike. Upgrade your ride with Tripeak Aluminum Caps today!

BK - Black: Achieve a sleek and discreet look for your bike with our black caps. RD - Red: Add a pop of vibrant red to your bike's aesthetics for a sporty touch. GD - Gold: Elevate your bike's style with the timeless elegance of gold caps. SV - Silver: For a classic and timeless look, silver caps are the way to go. PN - Pink: Make a statement and stand out with our eye-catching pink caps. LB - Light Blue: Add a touch of calm to your bike with these soothing light blue caps. DB - Dark Blue: Add depth and refinement with our dark blue caps. GR - Green: Embrace natural vibes with our green caps for a fresh look. PL - Purple: Infuse your bike with a touch of royalty and luxury with purple caps. OR - Orange: For a bold and energetic look, choose our vibrant orange caps. Each set includes only 1 aluminum ring without the pulley wheel, allowing for easy replacement.