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The Performance version of the Fusion 5 family is THE perfect harmony for all cyclists wishing to go fast and far. Associated with a Kevlar® reinforcement under the tread, it will reassure the most nervous and offer a durability superior to 4,000 km. In 700×25 section, you will find the perfect compromise between performance and comfort, grip and durability.



Perfect compromise between lightness and Kevlar® reinforcement.

ElevenSTORM® compound concept associating grip and durability.

From 190g, 127 TPI casing, groomed design.



Cassandre BEAUGRAND, Winner of the Hambourg WTS 2018, 2019. Winner of several Super League Triathlon races

« During Olympic Triathlon , race can be lost at any time and I need perfect components to be easy on my bike. Thanks to the Fusion 5 performance , I know I get the optimal grip and I don’t fear punctures anymore. »