Right of withdrawal and Complaint

Right of Withdrawal and Complaint

You have a 60-day right of withdrawal and exchange from the day you received the item(s) or obtained physical possession of the last item, in the case of multiple items ordered in one order and delivered individually. You can also withdraw or exchange a purchase, even if it involves discounted items.

Within 60 days of receiving the goods, you must notify us that you wish to withdraw your purchase. The notification can be sent to ([email protected] / 42716600) or by using the standard withdrawal form. In your notification, clearly state that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You cannot withdraw simply by refusing to accept the item without simultaneously notifying us clearly.

When returning goods, provide the following information to facilitate processing:

Order number
The size, color, or similar details for exchange (if applicable)
Your bank's registration and account number (for cancelled purchases, and we will refund to your credit card)
Any new delivery address (e.g., if the item was received as a gift)
You are responsible for the costs associated with returning the goods.

If you have purchased multiple items from us, you have the option to return one or more items, even if they were purchased under one order.

Note that you will not receive the delivery costs back if you withdraw part of your purchase that has already been dispatched.

Note: Wahoo Support
For complaints, these should be sent directly to Wahoo Support, which handles all inquiries regarding defects. Once Wahoo has approved, this information can be sent to: [email protected], and we will ensure it is processed as quickly as possible.