Dual powermer

Dual powermer

The 4iiii power meter is a device used by cyclists to measure their power output while riding. It provides accurate and reliable power data that can be used for training, racing, and analyzing performance.

The 4iiii power meter is available in both single-sided and dual-sided versions. The single-sided power meter measures power output from one leg, typically the left leg, and doubles the value to estimate total power. The dual-sided power meter measures power output independently from both legs, providing more accurate and detailed data.

The dual-sided 4iiii power meter is advantageous for cyclists who want to analyze their power distribution between their left and right legs. It can provide insights into imbalances or inefficiencies in pedaling technique, allowing riders to make adjustments and improve their performance.

The 4iiii power meter uses strain gauges that are integrated into the crank arms of the bicycle. These strain gauges measure the deformation of the crank arm caused by the force applied during pedaling. By analyzing this deformation, the power meter calculates the power output in watts.

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