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Bike computers

Wahoo is a new American Hitech company from 2010, specializing in producing electronic training equipment for the discerning practitioner where the user interface should be easy and simple. The manufacturer has developed a coherent system of sensors and devices that can help runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts to measure training efforts and thereby understand and improve it. All products are designed to benefit from the vast amount of technology most of us already own in terms of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Easy and straightforward


Wahoo will make it easy to train and stay connected at the same time, so their accessories are therefore also compatible with all types of 3rd party apps like Endomondo, Strava, Runkeeper, etc.


Among Wahoo's most popular sensors are the Wahoo Tickr and Tickr X pulse belts as well as the Wahoo RPM magnetic Speed ​​and Cadence sensors.

In recent years, Wahoo has begun not only to produce sensors and accessories, but also the devices themselves. With their Wahoo Elemnt bicycle computer, they have made a very competent competitor for the Garmin computers, as Elemnt is packed with cool features such as card navigation, interval training, personal display setup and some brand new innovative features. The Elemnt computers are incredibly compact, aerodynamic and super smart to set. The Elemnt Mini model is mounted on the stem while the other models are mounted on the handlebar. Last but not least, Wahoo is known for their excellent hometrainers Kickr and Kickr Snap. Particularly Wahoo Kickr has been praised a lot and recognized as one of the supreme best power trainers on the market - therefore, Team Sky and Chris Froome have also chosen to use Wahoo Kickr with other products such as the Tickr pulse belts. Kickr smart trainer can measure watts, forward information to all kinds of devices like Garmin, Polar and Suunto, and it's compatible with the world's hometrainer software like Zwift, Bkool Simulator and many others.


Kickr and Kickr Snap are both high-end athletes who can measure watts, bluetooth and ANT + and are compatible with virtually all power trainer software on the market. A hometrainer is a very valuable partner for winter training and with Wahoo's hometrainers, the training becomes a play. Embark on a virtual 3D world on Swift Island, run intervals with Strava or run on time by Alpe D'huez with the Bkool Simulator program.