Bottom brackets Pressfit ceramic bearings BB86 - Praxis works M30

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Model/Product no.: EMA-PF4128-PWSTCB
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Standard Pressfit Bottom Brackets with BB86 / 92 setup.

The frame bottom brackets is Ø41mm  and a width of 86mm for racers or 92mm for MTB.

The crankcase comes with ceramic bearings which provide the best setup when you have Praxis Works M30 crankset.

Praxis works has a setup with 30mm/28mm so item is adjusted to this setup.

Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Pressfit
Bottom bracks pressfitt BB92 MTB Ø41mm
Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Spindel Praxis Work M30
Krankboks diameter Ø41mm
Bottom brackets lenght 92mm (MTB)