Bottom brackets BSA 1.37" Ceramic Bearings 3-in-1

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Grade 3 Coated Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - Precision Meets Endurance

Elevate your ride with the pinnacle of bearing technology – our Grade 3 Coated Ceramic Hybrid Bearings. Designed for the elite road cyclist, each bearing is precision-engineered with #6806 (30*42*7mm) dimensions for a flawless fit and unmatched smoothness.

Key Features:

  • Superior Grade 3 Ceramic Balls: Exceptional roundness for unparalleled precision.
  • Advanced Coating: Drastically reduces friction, enhancing speed and longevity.
  • Hybrid Construction: Durable coated steel races combined with lightweight ceramic balls offer a robust build for relentless performance.
  • Wide Compatibility: Perfect for BSA (1.37") bottom brackets and 68mm shells, compatible with 24mm Shimano HTⅡ, SRAM DUB road systems, and 30mm ROTOR 3D+ cranksets.

Commitment to Quality: With 4-year warranty, our bearings are built to last through all your road adventures. Upgrade your cycling performance today with our Grade 3 Coated Ceramic Hybrid Bearings and feel the difference with every pedal stroke!

🔍 Bearing Specification: 30*40*7mm

Model/Product no.: EMA-BSA-SCCB2430
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🎶 High-Performance NCT Ceramic Bearings 🎶

Spin your ride to new heights, with precision and might,
High-Performance NCT, lighting up your cycling sight.
Crafted for those who seek the best, a revolution in every test,
These bearings, oh, they're nothing like the rest.

🌀 G3 Perfectly Round Ceramic Balls 🌀

Round and smooth, like pearls in the deep,
G3's perfectly round ceramic balls, a promise they keep.
Precision and smoothness, in every turn and glide,
For a ride that's seamless, with excellence as your guide.

🔧 For SRAM DUB 28.99mm Spindle Use 🔧

Tailored for the SRAM DUB, a fit so precise,
28.99mm of spindle, rolling smooth as ice.
Compatibility at its finest, a match made for speed,
These bearings are exactly what your SRAM setup needs.

🔇 ZeroCreak to Eliminate Noise Disturbances 🔇

Silence the creaks, quiet your ride,
With ZeroCreak, peace comes from inside.
A smooth, silent journey, no matter the terrain,
These bearings whisper, while your speed remains.

🛡️ 4-Year Peace of Mind Warranty 🛡️

Trust in durability, a warranty that assures,
Four years of peace, with performance that endures.
In every pedal, in every race, feel the confidence soar,
High-Performance NCT, a choice you'll adore.

Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Threads
Bottom brackets Threds BSA Gevind 1.37"
Spindel 24mm (Shimano), 30mm (SRAM RED BB30, ROTOR 3D+, FSA 386 EVO), SRAM DUB 28,99mm
Krankboks diameter Ø34,8mm
Bottom brackets lenght 68mm (road), 73mm (MTB/ROAD)