Guee styrbånd Sio Dura silicone Premium

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Non Toxic




Weather Proof



  • Innovative, durable and eco-friendly tape
  • Engineered with an improved foaming process it perfectly supports the hand grip
  • Ideal for gravel utilization with an improved tape length of 200 cm
  • Improved damping support suitable for long distance rides
  • Elastic modulus with self-adhesive properties
  • Free of the back adhesive, it keeps the handlebar clean once the bar tape is removed
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Anti-UV/Sun resistant, heat proof, washable, non-toxic (EN71-3, PAKs test passed)
  • Anti-slip during wet and humid conditions
  • Premium lock-tight end plug included
  • Easy wrapping operation
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Sio Dura it is the essential tape of the Guee collection. Sio Dura stands for ”durable silicone” and it provides innovative properties of superior lifetime durability, hand grip, and comfort . Sio Dura is produced with the best German silicone raw material hence it provides a longer lifetime comparing to other silicone tapes available in the market. Sio dura is also an eco-friendly product as a matter of fact the production stage allows green production processes. Furthermore it is possible to re-wrap Sio Dura multiple times without leaving any adhesive marks on the handlebar thanks to the self sticky property without any back adhesive.

  • Improved length to 200 cm
  • Ideal for gravel, triathlon, and long distance rides
  • Improved foaming process it perfectly supports the hand grip
  • Suitable for all handlebar shapes: round, integrated, flat and aero bars
  • Complete color range matchable to all frame colors