Tripeak adapter Praxis works BB3028

€ 13,20


Tripeak Adapter for 3-in-1 Bottom Brackets for Praxis Works with 30mm/28mm:

This adapter is designed to be compatible with Tripeak bottom brackets with a diameter of Ø30mm and is placed on the non-drive side. Constructed from tough composite plastic, it ensures solidity and durability.

🔧 Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed to work with Tripeak bottom brackets with Ø30mm.
  • Placement: Mounts on the non-drive side.
  • Material: Made from tough composite plastic for solidity and a long lifespan.
  • Purpose: Facilitates installation and ensures a reliable connection.

This adapter adds extra versatility to your Tripeak bottom bracket setup, ensuring a perfect fit with Praxis Works with 30mm/28mm. With its robust design, it's built to meet the demands of cycling under various conditions.

Model/Product no.: EMA-BB-PW30/28
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