Tripeak Jetstream Pro Cage Alu Shimano 70XX/71XX 12/18T 4yr

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Introducing the Tripeak Jestream Pro ALU AERO-WING Cage that's Elevate Your Shimano Setup!

Upgrade your cycling performance with our state-of-the-art 12/18T Oversize Hollow Alloy Cage, thoughtfully designed for Shimano R71xx/R70xx series, now enhanced with the precision and reliability of Tripeak technology.

This alloy cage seamlessly combines performance, durability, and innovation for a cycling experience like never before.

Key Features:

🚴‍♂️ Optimized Shifting: The 12/18T Oversize design ensures precise and efficient shifting, delivering a smooth and responsive cycling experience.

🔩 Hollow Alloy Construction: Meticulously crafted from high-quality hollow alloy, the cage combines strength and weight savings, enhancing both durability and performance.

🔄 Tripeak Integration: Elevate your gear-shifting game with the precision and reliability of Tripeak technology, enhancing the overall performance of your Shimano setup.

🔧 Effortless Integration: Designed to seamlessly work with Shimano R71xx/R70xx series, installation is a breeze, allowing you to hit the road with minimal effort.

⚙️ Precision Engineering: Every detail is crafted with precision, meeting the highest standards to deliver a gear-shifting experience that is both smooth and reliable.

🌈 Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your bike's aesthetics with the sleek design of the Aero wing cage , combining functionality with a touch of style.

🔥 Enhance Your Ride: Upgrade to the EMA-RD1218-SH71HWxx for an unparalleled fusion of performance and design, now with the added innovation of Tripeak. Redefine your cycling journey with confidence.

Transform your Shimano setup with the precision and style of the EMA-RD1218-SH71HWxx Oversize Hollow Alloy Cage, now enhanced with Tripeak technology. Elevate your gear-shifting game and make a statement on the road. Upgrade today! 🚀

Model/Product no.: EMA-RD1218A-SHAL71SV
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Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pulleyhjul speed 11 speed, 12 speed
Shimano 105 RS-R7000-SS/11speed, RD-R7000-GS/11speed, RD-R7100/12speed, RD-R7150/12speed