Bottom brackets T47-77.5mm -Ceramic Bearings 3-in-1

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🚴‍♀️ Tripeak T47-77.5mm Bottom Bracket with Ceramic Bearings - 3-in-1 Compatibility with Shimano, Rotor 3D+, and SRAM DUB.

🚴‍♂️ Compatible with: Factor or Cervelo frames - Road Bikes Only

🚴‍♂️ Tripeak T47-77.5mm Bottom Bracket: Precision and versatility come together with the Tripeak T47-77.5mm Bottom Bracket. Designed to seamlessly fit T47-77.5mm frames, it establishes a robust foundation for your cycling adventures.

🔧 Ceramic Bearings for Superior Performance: Experience the next level of smoothness and efficiency with ceramic bearings. The ceramic construction reduces friction, enhancing overall performance and durability.

🔄 3-in-1 Compatibility: A versatile design compatible with Shimano, Rotor 3D+, and SRAM DUB cranksets. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your preferred crankset without compromising performance.

🛡️ Reliable and Durable: Built for reliability and durability, the Tripeak T47-77.5mm Bottom Bracket ensures a consistent and robust cycling experience. Move confidently through varied terrains.

🚴‍♀️ Seamless Integration with Top-Quality Cranksets: Whether you choose Shimano, Rotor 3D+, or SRAM DUB, this bottom bracket seamlessly integrates, ensuring optimal performance and a comfortable ride every time.

💡 Elevate Your Cycling Experience: Choose the Tripeak T47-77.5mm Bottom Bracket for a cycling experience that combines precision, versatility, and durability. Elevate your rides with a bottom bracket designed for excellence.

🔍 Bearing Specification: 30*40*7mm

Spindle Axle Size: 3-in-1

  • 24mm (Shimano)
  • 30mm (SRAM RED BB30, ROTOR 3D+, FSA 386 EVO)
  • SRAM DUB 28.99mm
Model/Product no.: EMA-T4777-SCCB2430
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🚴‍♂️ Tripeak T47-68/73mm Bottom Bracket: Crafted for excellence, this bottom bracket is designed to meet the demands of cyclists who value both performance and durability. With a T47-68/73mm size, it fits seamlessly into your bike frame.

🔧 Ceramic Bearings: Experience a smooth and efficient ride with the precision of ceramic bearings. The ceramic construction ensures reduced friction, enhancing overall performance.

🔄 3-in-1 Design: Versatility at its best! The 3-in-1 design ensures compatibility with various cranksets, providing flexibility for your cycling preferences.

💰 Value Product: Tripeak T47-68/73mm Bottom Bracket is a value-packed product, offering high-quality features at an affordable price point. It's the perfect choice for cyclists seeking both performance and budget-friendly options.

🛡️ Maximum Durability: Built to last, this bottom bracket guarantees maximum durability. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or enjoying everyday rides, it's engineered for long-lasting performance.

🚴‍♀️ Available at Danish Bike: Explore the Tripeak T47-68/73mm Bottom Bracket with Ceramic Bearings, 3-in-1 design, and exceptional value at Danish Bike. Elevate your cycling experience with a product that delivers on both quality and affordability.

Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Threads
Spindel 24mm (Shimano), 30mm (SRAM RED BB30, ROTOR 3D+, FSA 386 EVO), SRAM DUB 28,99mm
Bottom brackets lenght 77.5MM Factor