Star BluBike PTFE grease 60g

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Synthetic bike lubricant STAR GREASE 

STAR GREASE is a synthetic bike lubricant based with PTFE, formulated for professional use with a very low friction coefficient, exceptional thermal stability, long lasting, good water resistance.

STAR GREASE is suggested for bearings, hubs, headsets, bottom brackets suspension or during assemblage.

Consistency: NLGI 1. Temperature Range: -30°C until + 150°C


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SLICK is a universal synthetic lubricant with a medium viscosity containing special additives that protect against wear and rust, indicated for lubricating all bike parts.
SLICK eliminates noise and protects all mechanical parts from humidity and corrosion.
This product is ECO FRIENDLY obtained from non-petroleum based renewable raw materials.
SLICK is ideal for those who use their bike daily or during free time. SLICK is ideal for

all types of bicycles and in all weather conditions