Star Blubike Premium lube ceramic 75 ml

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Synthetic lubricant oil for bicycles PREMIUM LUBE CERAMIC is a new generation of synthetic oil enhanced with CERAMIC particles that assure the maximum in long lasting lubrication even in extreme conditions.

The use of special additives renders all moving parts particularly silent and protects from dirt.

  • Shake well before using to permit the solid particles in sospension to disperse evenly.
  • Apply product to clean and dry chain while turning pedals. Eliminate with cloth excess of product. Avoid contact with brakes.

cod. 20112 PREMIUM LUBE CERAMIC 75 ml
cod. 20037 PREMIUM LUBE CERAMIC 500 ml

This product is ECO FRIENDLY obtained from non-petroleum based renewable raw materials.


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SLICK is a universal synthetic lubricant with a medium viscosity containing special additives that protect against wear and rust, indicated for lubricating all bike parts.
SLICK eliminates noise and protects all mechanical parts from humidity and corrosion.
This product is ECO FRIENDLY obtained from non-petroleum based renewable raw materials.
SLICK is ideal for those who use their bike daily or during free time. SLICK is ideal for

all types of bicycles and in all weather conditions