Star BluBike Wet synthetic oil 75 ml

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Wet is a high viscosity synthetic lubricant with a low friction coefficient. The special additives provide excellent adherence to metal parts and reduce rusting and wear. Wet guarantees long lasting lubrication.

  • This chain lubricant is ideal for long distances and tough riding conditions especially with high humidity or rain. In dry or dusty conditions, it is recommended to remove excess oil from the chain and to apply X-DRY to avoid dirt contamination.
  • Apply the product to clean, dry chain whileturning the pedals. Avoid contact with brakes.

This product is ECO FRIENDLY obtained from non-petroleum based renewable raw materials.

Model/Product no.: 20.001
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  • Excellent lubricity: deliver a tough lubricant film between moving parts
  • Good adhesiveness and affinity toward metals
  • Good wettability
  • Not dryable
  • Excellent low temperature behaviour
  • Good stability toward oxidation and aging processes
  • Partially compatible with mineral and PAO based lubricants
  • Totally compatible with most common elastomers
  • Preserves work place hygene conditions
  • Biodegradable more than 60% (test OECD 301B) 
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