Jockeywheels for Jetstream 16T/16T Jetstream (1set)

€ 79,24 € 113,20


Here you get the perfect upgrade for your existing solutions with Jetstream.

  • Lower: 16T
  • Upper: 16T
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Primarily suitable for Tripeak JetStream.

A "must have" for the discerning who goes into detail and low friction.

Why just these pulley wheels? The product is made of hard composite material of high-tech CNC equipment, this means that you do NOT get noise compared to other products made of Alu material, and the durability of composite lasts longer than Alu.

Minor wear: The hard composite material of the pulley wheels ensures minimal wear of the wheels, so they have a long life.

Note that there is a difference between the lower & upper pulley wheels and the direction.

Model/Product no.: EMA-JW1616-TPBK
Stock status: 3 Set in stock

Jockeywheel color Black