Bottom Brackets Twiftfit BB86/92 Ø41 - 86-92mm GXP

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Twistfit bottom bracket for BB86 / BB92 with ceramic bearings

Achieve extra power transfer with twistfit bottom bracket, simple and easy intstallation,

Mounted with a standard BB key

Can easily shift your standard bottom bracket out with top model Tripeak.

Ceramic bearings with Ø41mm, width 86 Racer and 92mm MTB

  • BB86 Racer
  • BB92 MTB
  • Width 86> 92mm
  • Shimano ø24mm
  • SRAM ø24 / 22mm -
  • Ceramic bearing

All Tripeak's products can replace bearings without removing the bottom bracket of the bicycle !!!

Shimano & SRAM is the ceramic bearing

Model/Product no.: EMA-PB86-SHCBTF12+EMA-BB-SR24/22
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Adapter from Shimano > GXP SRAM 24/22mm
  • 1 x Bottom Brackets Twiftfit BB86/92 Ø41 - 86-92mm Shimano

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Category: Accessories

Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Twistfit
Bottom bracks pressfitt BB86 Ø41mm, BB92 MTB Ø41mm
Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Spindel 24/22 SRAM/GXP
Krankboks diameter Ø41mm
Bottom brackets lenght 86mm - 86,5mm, 92mm (MTB)