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Model/Product no.: KT-KIT RATCHET
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The Kelvin Bearing Replacement Toolkit is your go-to solution for maintaining and extending the life of your Kelvin hubs. Designed with precision, this toolkit is ideal for cyclists who take their gear seriously and want to perform routine maintenance themselves.

Kit Contents:

  1. RATCHET INNER RING TOOLING: Specially crafted to remove and install the inner ring, making the process simple and effective.

  2. SEAL PRESS TOOLING: A must-have for the perfect seal placement, ensuring that your hub remains dirt-free and operates smoothly.

  3. MAINTENANCE GREASE 102t SYSTEM 20ml: High-quality grease to keep your bearings running smoothly, ensuring less friction and longer life for your Kelvin hub.

With these specialized tools and accessories, you can now easily replace and maintain the bearings in your Kelvin hub, assuring optimal performance on the road or trail.