Guee bottle cage Qing+ black 28g

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  • Bottle cage with integrated replacing tire lever placed in the central body cage
  • 2 products in 1, it allows to improve pockets and saddle bag space
  • Qing+ is made of high performance Polyamide/Carbon fiber composite
  • The tire lever is produced by high-Performance Polyamide/Glass Fiber
  • Composites suitable to endure the tire removal pressure
  • Super lightweight cage of 18g only engineered in order to keep the highest
  • stiffness grade
  • Brand new design and optimized tire lever shape
  • Easy bottle pick-up from either frame side
  • Patented product



Carbon Fiber/Nylon Composite


85(L) x 79(D) x148(H)mm


17g (w/o bolt)




Bottle Cage *1
Stainless Bolt *2

inkl. tire level

With a unique design and an edgy structure the Qing cage represents the perfect solution for any road/mtb bicycle and it especially matches frames with slope and compact geometries. From tarmac to mud Qing has a performance and thanks to its lightness structure. Qing is available in black color only in order to not add any additional gram but to offer to the professional rider the perfect racing partner. Qing is reliable and made of tough carbon-nylon composite to endure under the sport bottle push/pull. The structure cage frame has been minimized in order to ease the drop/pick-up of the sport bottle during the more exciting moment of the ride.