Kelvin Carbon gravel wheelset DISC GX 40 mm TLR

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Kelvin wheelset is built of 60% Carbon T700 and 40% Carbon T800 which gives an ultra strong wheelset

The wheel is built with Straight pull spokes which ensures optimal rigidity, which reduces the risk of spoke breakage.

  • Asymmetrical Profile: 40mm - ASD
  • Rim width: 32 mm
  • Inner width: 25mm
  • Recommended tire size: 700x28C - 45C
  • Maximum tire pressure: 6.2bar
  • Nav: KTHUB 36 Ratchet
  • Rim weight per. PCS. : 425 +/- 15g
  • Front hub weight: 153 grams
  • Rear wheel hub weight: 276 grams
  • Carbon rim: 24 holes
  • Eger: Pillar Wing20 Aero
  • Nipples: Black Secure lock
  • Bearings: Industrial bearings steel Iso standard TPI
  • Wheel set total weight: 1540 +/- 15g
  • Kelvin logo: Black
  • Type: Tubeless only
  • Max rider weight: 130kg
  • Axle thru system
  • Front wheel M12 * 100mm / Rear wheel M12 * 142mm
Model/Product no.: KDB-G40-TLR-DISC
Weight: 1,25 kg
Stock status: Stock

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Mid Hook Design
For disc brake specific rim family, we ultimately worked out a Mid-Hook design. With this technology, the rims could be as impact resistant as MTB rims, and 80g lighter than rim brake models. This new mid hook rims could take much more higher tire pressure, as high as to 90PSI with a 28C tire. 

Super Light 4:6 T800 40%&60% T700 new structure 80g lighter than the regular disc brake rim
Thanks for our engineers’ hard work, the disc brake rims eventually realized a super light stucture with 40% T800 without any scarifice of strength.  We made fatigue and impact testings, and the results were very good. It's always so important to have a lighter carbon rim, because a smaller inertial weight could make riding more efficient.

Wider Tire Design
Road disc brake frames are now designed with wider tire clearance to accept larger tires. Larger tires means higher air volume and lower tire pressure. It's proved that larger tires can provide improved rolling resistance, comfort, stability and better performance in cornering. So the internal width of the new disc brake rims starts from 21mm. This width is optimized for 28mm wide tires. The riding experience would be totally new.

Ultra Smooth Inner Wall
A specially shaped bladder is used in moulding the rims. Comparing with traditional bladder, it's designed in a correct size and shape to correctly support the rims inside. The result is that we could see a very clean and smooth inner wall, which means the carbon fabrics are strentched smoothly and optimized. This could ensure the best strength of the fabrics.

Carbon Fælg type (Clincher, tubeless) Tubeless Only