Zeno SpeedLink Shop Case

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Product advantages


Hydraulic brake systems have become a trend and are becoming more popular, whether they are used in mountain bikes or road bikes. But the maintenance of the hydraulic system is a tough job for professional bicycle shops or consumers. On the other hand, there are many different hydraulic brake brands in the market and each brand has its own specifications or even a brand with a variety of specifications. This complex specification has caused great problems for consumers and bicycle shops. So we hope to be able to come up with an ideal solution so that repairing the hydraulic brake system is no longer a daunting task.


Faster operation

Unlike ordinary hydraulic systems, it is necessary to install a variety of small parts before connecting the oil pipe. This design only needs to install SpeedLink and the corresponding adapter on the caliper and brake handle, and insert the hydraulic tube into the SpeedLink connector, and tighten the locked nut. Finally, oil filling work.

Easier maintenance

Traditional hydraulic system tubing requires special tools to place the required parts. Special tools are not only difficult to operate, but consumers generally don’t own them except professional bicycle shops. SpeedLink requires only a 10mm wrench to be installed, and only two 10mm wrenches are required for disassembly.

Cost savings

For end users:

SpeedLink is reusable, and traditional hydraulic system fittings are not reusable after adjusting the length or replacing the tubing. Therefore, using SpeedLink does not require repeated purchase of accessories, and it is more convenient to adjust the length of the tubing at any time when installing the brake system.

For bicycle shops:

Unlike traditional hydraulic parts, bicycle shops need to purchase 20 to 30 different parts and 3 different types of hydraulic tubes to meet the needs of customers. Only 6 major parts are needed to match most of the major brake systems on the market. . Significantly reduce the inventory pressure of bicycle stores. In addition, the hydraulic pipe will not have any parts before connecting with the brakes, making it easier for the technician to walk on the line.



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