SwissStop Bremseklodser Disc 34 EXOTherm2

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The EXOTherm2 system's key features can significantly benefit riders looking for reliable and long-lasting performance. Here's a more detailed breakdown of its features based on your description:

Features of EXOTherm2:


The "very durable, easy to modulate compound" suggests a high level of resilience, meaning that it's made of materials designed to last for an extended period of time. Durability is crucial in brake pad systems, particularly for users who put their brakes to the test in challenging conditions or over long durations.

Thermal Management:

The cooling fin equipped back plate is likely an advanced thermal management system to dissipate heat effectively. Overheating can degrade brake performance and even lead to failure in extreme cases, so this is a valuable feature.


The promise of "consistent, powerful braking in all conditions" suggests that the brake pads can be depended upon in various types of weather and terrains, offering a reliable experience for the user. This can be particularly important for mountain biking or any type of cycling where conditions can change rapidly.

Low Pad Wear Rate:

Having a "much lower pad wear rate than competitors" implies less frequent replacements and lower long-term costs for users. This could also indicate that the brake system is efficient in converting kinetic energy into thermal energy, without excessive wear on the material.

Smooth Performance:

"Smooth, consistent brake performance" is often a highly sought-after quality in a brake system, ensuring that there are no sudden jolts or unpredictability when applying the brakes.


Being "lightweight at 22 grams per pair" can make a significant difference for users concerned about the overall weight of their setup. This is particularly important for competitive cycling where every gram counts.


EXOTherm2 seems to offer a balanced package of durability, efficient thermal management, and consistent, smooth performance, all while being lightweight. Such a system can offer a peace of mind to riders, knowing that their brakes will perform reliably when needed, without adding unnecessary weight to their setup.

  • Initial Bite: 7
  • Modulation: 9
  • Longevity: 10
  • Heat Tolerance: 10
  • Noise Dry: 9
  • Noise Wet: 7

Compatible serie :

  • Dura Ace BR-R9270,BR-R9170
  • Ultegra BR-R8170,BR-R8070
  • 105 BR-R7070
  • Tiagra BR-4770
  • GRX BR-RX810,BR-RX400
  • BR-RS805
  • BR-RS505
  • BR-RS405
  • BR-RS305
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