Hutchinson Challenger road 700x28c TLR

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The new endurance tire from Hutchinson. Complete peace of mind, all year round. A tire with no compromises, delivering exceptional performance in terms of longevity, comfort and safety. Created after extensive research and development from Hutchinson, the Challenger has been designed as a ‘do-it-all’ tire capable of the demands of everyday training, Gran Fondo riding and ultra-endurance adventures.

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Unparalleled Puncture Protection with HARDSHIELD™

The Challenger TLR introduces an entirely new level of puncture protection with HARDSHIELD™ technology. This innovation consists of two protective layers working in harmony. A wide polyamide reinforcement spans the width of the tyre’s tread, while a narrower strip of super-strong Aramid threads concentrates protection at the ground contact patch.

In rigorous tests comparing the Challenger TLR to competitors, it withstood punctures at force ratings up to 170 Newtons, a remarkable 100% increase in resistance in some cases. These results demonstrate the extraordinary level of puncture resistance offered by HARDSHIELD™.


AIRSHIELD™ – A Paradigm Shift in Tubeless Setups

Say goodbye to common air loss issues with the revolutionary AIRSHIELD™ technology. By integrating two high-performance sealing compounds that coat both the tyre’s interior and bead, AIRSHIELD™ ensures an airtight environment. The flexible butyl layer extends seamlessly to the rim, allowing it to flex and deform with the tyre’s movement, maintaining an impenetrable seal against air leakage.

Furthermore, a robust, abrasion-resistant coating encircles the tyre’s bead, ensuring a seamless connection with the rim. This eliminates the need for traditional bead fabric reinforcements, enhancing sidewall flexibility and ride comfort to unprecedented levels.



Tire size 700x28mm
Type of tires Tubeless ready
Tire for Racer