Tripeak Styrfittings duo coated teflon upper 4yrs

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Jetstream pro duo:

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The outer ring of the the Jetstream Pro Dura Tech HS is made of Teflon composite material, eliminating the corrosion of metal materials and extending the lifespan.

Utilizing Teflon Compound Material  and Ceramic Balls makes the Jetstream Pro DT HS not only 50% lighter than a comparable Steel Headset, it enhances the durability significantly: The CNC machined Teflon ring provides an excellent lubeless rolling surface.

No need for additional lubrication, no more worries about the complex process of disassembling and assembling the headset.

  • Jetstream Pro Dura Tech Headset  
  • Teflon Compound for Corrosion Protection
  • Maintenance free lubeless Ceramic Bearing
  • 50% lighter than comparable Steel