Cervelo Tripeak headset bearingskit

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Tripeak offers headset bearings that fit most well-known brands on the market. This series is specifically designed for Cervelo frames.

Each kit includes a complete set of 2 bearings. One bearing is to be used at the top, and the other at the bottom of the fork.

Remember to apply grease during the installation of the bearings to ensure their longevity.

We have assembled ready-to-use kits for your convenience.

Please review the dimensions of the bearings at the bottom to ensure compatibility with your specific bike model.

Headset manufactor:

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EMA-41.0mm x 30.1mm-H65A36
EMA-51.8mm x 40.0mm-H75A45

CERVELO R2/R3/R5/S2/S3/S5 KIT    

EMA-41.0mm x 30.1mm-H65A36
EMA-49.0mm x 37.0mm-H65A36