Tripeak oversized jockeywheels ceramic bearings Shimano R92XX - 12T/18T

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Tripeak Jetstream Pro Ceramic Pulley Wheels for Shimano R92XX - 12T/18T

Introducing Tripeak's Jetstream Pro pulley wheels - a true revolution in bicycle technology. This pulley wheel isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete transformation of how your rear derailleur functions with Shimano's Dura-Ace R92XX 12-speed series.

Product Highlights:

  • Globally Patented Design: Tripeak has reinvented the pulley wheel with a unique and patented design that pushes the boundaries of innovation and efficiency.
  • Maximum Power: With 12 teeth at the top and a large 18-tooth bottom pulley wheel, this system delivers maximum power and efficiency from your rear derailleur.
  • Perfect Compatibility with Shimano Dura-Ace R92XX
  • This pulley wheel is specially designed to match the precision and performance of Shimano's Dura-Ace R92XX 12-speed series.
  • Robust Composite Material: Built to withstand the most demanding conditions, these pulley wheels are made of tough and durable composite material.
  • Narrow-Wide Tooth Design: This specially designed tooth system ensures that your chain stays in place under all riding conditions.
  • Grade 5 Ceramic Bearings: With high-quality Grade 5 ceramic bearings, minimal friction and maximum performance are ensured, making your ride faster and more efficient.
  • Included Ceramic Grease: To ensure long-lasting performance of your bearings, we include 3 ml of ceramic grease.
  • Oversized 18T for Enhanced Performance: The large 18-tooth bottom pulley wheel optimizes shifting and reduces chain friction, providing a more efficient ride. 4-Year Warranty:
  • Tripeak stands behind their product with a comprehensive 4-year warranty, highlighting the quality and durability of this pulley wheel.
  • Tripeak's Jetstream Pro pulley wheel isn't just an upgrade; it's a game-changer that will transform your cycling experience with improved efficiency and precision.
Jetstream pro 12T/18T:

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Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pulleyhjul speed 12 speed
Shimano Dura-ace RD-R9250/12speed