Jockey wheels ceramic 12T/14T 11S - Shimano - Sort

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Tripeak can give you extra watts with these pulley wheels, with 12T / 14T which will give less resistance in the course of the chain

Comes in a delicious red color!

  • Compatible with Shimano R70XX, 80XX, 91XX
  • Requires long rear derailleur R80XX
  • Race proven - feel the difference
  • Default replacement of your current setup
  • Molded composite material
  • Less noise and
  • better gearshift
  • 11 Speed setup

Note: check form to see if your setup can handle it

If you have oval blades, it is advantageous to switch to 12T, as the chain travels less and thus stays more stable.

Model/Product no.: EMA-JW1214-SHCBR91BK
Stock status: 6 Set in stock

Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pulleyhjul speed 11 speed
Shimano 105 RS-R7000-SS/11speed, RD-R7000-GS/11speed
Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000-GS/11speed, RD-R8000-SS/11speed, RD-R8050-GS/11speed, RD-R8050-SS/11speed
Shimano Dura-ace RD-R9100-SS/11speed, RD-R9150/11speed
Jockeywheel color Black
Shimano Gravel RD-RX812-LE/11speed, RD-RX812/11speed, RD-RX817, RD-RX820/12speed, RD-RX822-GS/12speed, RD-RX822-SGS/12speed, RD-RX825/12speed
Shimano MTB DEORE XT - RD-M8000-GS/11speed, DEORE XT - RD-M8000-SGS/11speed, DEORE XT - RD-M8050-GS/11speed, SLX - RD-M7000-11-GS/11speed, XTR - RD-M9000-GS/11speed, XTR - RD-M9000-SGS/11speed, XTR - RD-M9050-GS/11speed, XTR - RD-M9050-SGS/11speed