Pulleyhjul ceramic bearings 13T/13T 12S - Shimano M91XX - Sort

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🚲 Shimano's RD-GRX810/815 is the epitome of precision and reliability.

Designed to conquer the rugged terrain of gravel riding, this rear derailleur seamlessly integrates with both the GRX and MTB XT series, offering compatibility and performance like no other.

Whether you're navigating through challenging trails or embarking on a long-distance adventure, the RD-GRX810/815 ensures smooth gear shifts and dependable performance, every pedal stroke of the way.

Trust in Shimano's legacy of excellence and let this guardian of the rear elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Model/Product no.: EMA-JW1313-SHCBBKM91xx
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Gear gruppe 12 speed, Shimano MTB, Shimano MTB M91XX
Pulleyhjul speed 12 speed
Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Jockeywheel color Black