Pulleyhjul ceramic bearings 13T/13T 12S - GRX812/817/M91XX - Sort

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Tripeak Jockeywheels Ceramic for GRX and MTB

  • Compatibility: RD-GRX812/817, M91xx Series
  • Wheel Size: 13/13T
  • Bearings: Super Ceramic Bearings, Grade 5
  • Color: Black

Upgrade your drivetrain with Tripeak's Super Ceramic Jockey Wheels. Specifically designed for Shimano GRX/XT series, these jockey wheels feature top-tier ceramic bearings that ensure smoother gear shifts and exceptional durability. Perfect for demanding cyclists, these wheels deliver low friction and long-lasting performance, keeping you ahead on every trail and road. A must-have for those who seek the pinnacle of cycling efficiency and reliability.

Model/Product no.: EMA-JW1313-SHCBM91BK
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Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Pulleyhjul speed 12 speed
Jockeywheel color Black
Shimano Gravel RD-RX822-GS/12speed, RD-RX822-SGS/12speed
Shimano MTB DEORE XT - RD-M8100-GS/12speed, DEORE XT - RD-M8100-SGS/12speed, DEORE XT - RD-M8120-SGS/12speed, DEORE XT - RD-M8130-SGS/11speed, SLX - RD-M7100-SGS/12speed, SLX - RD-M7120-SGS/12speed, XTR - RD-M9100-SGS/12speed, XTR - RD-M9100-SGS/12speed, XTR - RD-M9100GS/12speed