Bottom brackets T47-86mm Steel Bearings 3-in-1

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Grade5 Coated Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - Precision Meets Endurance

Elevate your ride with the pinnacle of bearing technology – our Grade5 Coated Ceramic Hybrid Bearings. Designed for the elite road cyclist, each bearing is precision-engineered with #6806 (30*42*7mm) dimensions for a flawless fit and unmatched smoothness.

Key Features:

  • Superior Grade5 Ceramic Balls: Exceptional roundness for unparalleled precision.
  • Advanced Coating: Drastically reduces friction, enhancing speed and longevity.
  • Hybrid Construction: Durable coated steel races combined with lightweight ceramic balls offer a robust build for relentless performance.
  • Wide Compatibility: Perfect for ITA (M36) bottom brackets and 68mm shells, compatible with 24mm Shimano HTⅡ, SRAM DUB road systems, and 30mm ROTOR 3D+ cranksets.

🔍 Bearing Specification: 30*40*7mm

Model/Product no.: EMA-T4786-SCSB2430
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🎶 Smooth Revolution with Standard Ceramic Bearings 🎶

Revitalize your ride with the smooth grace, Standard Ceramic Bearings, setting the pace. For cyclists craving excellence, a steadfast choice, In every rotation, hear the triumphant voice.

🌀 Precision Engineered Ceramic Spheres 🌀

Precision in every rotation, spheres engineered, Standard Ceramic Bearings, where quality's revered. Round and resilient, like orbs in a celestial ballet, Effortless spins, guiding your journey every day.

🔧 Versatile Compatibility for Varied Rides 🔧

Fit for various rides, versatile and true, Standard Ceramic Bearings, for the cyclist in you. Compatible across terrains, a seamless blend, Enhancing your cycling experience, from start to end.

🔇 Whisper-Quiet, No Creaks to Disturb 🔇

Silence the disruptions, let the quiet prevail, Standard Ceramic Bearings, ensuring a tranquil trail. No creaks or disturbances, just smooth turns, A serene ride, wherever your passion yearns.

Krank lejer Stållejer
Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Threads
Bottom brackets Threds Thread T47 / T47 TREK
Spindel 24mm (Shimano), 30mm (SRAM RED BB30, ROTOR 3D+, FSA 386 EVO), SRAM DUB 28,99mm
Bottom brackets lenght 86,5mm Trek