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Bottom Brackets BB86/92 41 - 30mm Rotor 3d+ ceramic bearings

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Model/Product no.: EMA-PF4130-ROSTCB
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pressfit  bottom bracket for BB86 / BB92 with ceramic bearings

Achieve optimum power transfer with twistfit bottom bracket, simple and easy intstallation,

Can easily shift your standard bottom bracket out with top model Tripeak.

Ceramic bearings with Ø41mm, width 86 Racer and 92mm MTB

BB86 Racer
Width 86> 92mm
Ceramic bearings - Grade5 
Rotor 3d+ = Ø30mmceramic bearing

All Tripeak's products can replace bearings without removing the bottom bracket of the bicycle !!!

Category: Accessories

Pressfit, Thread, Twistfit Pressfit
Bottom bracks pressfitt BB86 41mm, BB92 MTB 41mm
Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Spindel 30mm (SRAM RED BB30, ROTOR 3D+, FSA 386 EVO)
Krankboks diameter 41mm
Bottom brackets lenght 86mm - 86,5mm, 92mm (MTB)