Pressfit bottom bracket ceramic - BB86/92 MTB - SRAM DUB

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Model/Product no.: EMA-PF4129MR-SRSTCB
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If you have a RACER / MTB with a double crankset, you have the option of switching to a Tripeak crankcase with press fit

This bottom brackets is with ceramic bearings, which must be mounted as a press fit, it can easily replace your current setup with Tripeak crankcases for dub

Size: Ø41mm

Width: 86-92mm

Shaft: 28.99mm

Ceramic bearings: Grade5

Pressfit eller gevind Pressfit
Bottom bracks pressfitt BB86 Ø41mm, BB92 MTB Ø41mm
Krank lejer Keramiske lejer
Spindel DUB™ 28,99mm
Krankboks diameter Ø41mm
Bottom brackets lenght 86mm - 86,5mm, 92mm (MTB)