WITHINGS Body Cardio V.2 WiFi smart

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Body Cardio is the first smart scale to provide a cardiovascular check-up in less than 30 seconds from the comfort of your home. The scale delivers ultra-precise weight and composition measurements including body fat, water %, and muscle and bone mass, plus it syncs with the free Health Mate app to display your trends and help you reach your health goals. Unlike many smart scales, you don’t have to have your phone with you during weigh-in to synchronize your data over Wi-Fi. Body Cardio was developed with cardiologists and included in several validation studies with renowned hospitals in the EU and in the US.

Body Cardio - The world’s first scale to provide a home cardio check.

Four weight sensors
Weighing range: 5 -> 180kg (9 -> 396 lb)
Patented body position detector via Position Control technology for highly accurate weighing
100g (0.2 lb) graduation"
Full body composition
Cardiovascular health
High accuracy
Up to 8 users
Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync

Body composition
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Athlete and non-athlete mode
Unit: body fat %, total body water %, muscle mass kg, bone mass kg

Heart Rate
Patented heart rate measurement technology
Unit: bpm (beats per minute)

Vascular Age
Exclusive algorithm based on PWV measurements
Unit: age range

Daily weather and activity report
Works when scale is installed on a Wi-Fi network when used with a compatible tracker or if Health Mate in-app step tracking is activated.