Hutchinson fusion5 Galactik Road 11storm 700x25 TLR

This product is no longer available and cannot be ordered

The HUTCHINSON teams have developed a unique process over 2 years allowing the new  Eleven STORM range to obtain convincing results on the 5 key tire performance criteria:
Grip/ Performance/Life/ Puncture resistance/Comfort.

  • Creating the correct compound composition capable of addressing this defiance has been a permanent challenge.
  • The Eleven STORM® compound has been developed with the aim of offering unique performances on all terrains. 
  • This is why we wanted to follow this initiative to the end by proposing multiple Fusion 5 versions: 4 compound types, 3 sections and from now on4 designs: Tube type/Tubeless Ready/Tubeless/Tubular.


Tire size 700x25mm
Type of tires Tubeless ready
Tire for Racer